BT Cool Plus Bleaching System

Amazingly White and Comfortable
The BT Cool Plus bleaching system is equipped with the latest LED blue light technology, delivering more effective, comfortable and reliable in-office whitening without producing heat and noise.

  • Instant whitening with advanced LED blue light technology for more comfortable operation without heat and noise
  • 360° rotatable, arc-shaped lighting zone allows complete full-mouth whitening
  • Various preset modes allow easier customization and better compatibility with most bleaching materials
  • Ergonomics design with an adjustable swivel arm and mobile wheels
  • LCD display provides easier operation and extra safety indication

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Which is the best system for tooth whitening?

Today, there are three commonly-seen systems in the market, but which of them is the best? Let APOZA’s export elaborate for you.

  Treatment time Efficacy Conclusion
Whitening toothpaste/powder 10 minutes / twice a day 1 day
  • Ineffective
  • Time-wasting
Take-home whitening kit (tray system) 30~60 minutes each time/ 8-10 times for a successful treatment 3~6 months
  • Causing pain without gingival protection
  • The fixed tray cannot be adjusted for the individual needs
In-office professional bleaching treatment 1 hour 1~1.5 years
  • Hassle-free
  • Comfortable
  • Longest efficacy

Why BT Cool Plus?
The pain-free, comfortable and long-lasting solution
The blue light LED technology generates no heat during treatment while conventional halogen is less powerful and coming with uncomfortable heat. The long-lasting efficacy can last up to 1.5 years.

Full mouth treatment
The 360° rotatable, arc-shaped lighting zone allows complete full-mouth whitening. It also allows single-hand operation at ease.

Ease of use
The intuitive LCD display provides easier operation and extra safety indication. The output level is totally alterable with various output modes.

Quick comparison


BT Cool Plus

Brand A

Brand B

Output type

Blue light LED



Side effects (e.g. pain)




Protection during treatment

General dental treatment protection

Pain-killer needed

Need full face protection to avoid burning by ultraviolet

Treatment cost

Less than any others

USD 60 per patient

USD 85 per patient

Storage condition

Normal room temperature

Refrigeration needed

Refrigeration needed

Unit price

Less than any others

USD 6,000

USD 4,000

- Light source : blue LED
- Spectrum : 430 ~ 490nm
- Voltage : AC 100 ~ 240v, 50/60Hz, 0.6A
- Arm Length : 140cm
- Height : 120cm
- Weight : 16 kg (net)

Standard Accessories
- Control box x 1
- arm + power supply + stem x 1
- Stand x 1
- Goggles x 3
- Spanner x 1
- L-shape hexagonal spanner x 1
- Distance guide x 4
- Screws x 4




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