Through over 30-year experiences, OEM/ODM Service by APOZA fulfills every customer’s requirement of high quality, cost-effective product and quick time to market. With our dedicated project management, R&D and engineering department together, APOZA caters to the specific demands, requirements and specifications and always ensures project completion.

OEM/ODM Service by APOZA brings innovations to the forefront of dentistry customization. We are committed to bring ideas into reality for all dental device manufacturing needs.

APOZA produces only reliable products that meet global dentistry standards under surveillance with a strict quality assure policy and testing standards. As an ISO- certified manufacturer, we are committed to high quality standards.

Service & Support
OEM/ODM service by APOZA comes with excellent logistic and technical supports. Beyond producing quality products, responsive services and full supports are always provided as we always put customers at the heart.

How do we help you in the process?

Product Initiation
General project discussions
Defining product specifications and requirements
Initial prototype quotation and delivery schedule

Research & Development
Design and development of prototype
Purchase order

Manufacturing & Quality Control
Manufacturing at our ISO certified factory
Full functional tests by our quality assurance department

Service & Support
After-sale support